Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Nate Berkus Show: 57th St btwn 10th and 11th Aves

So the Nate Berkus Show Audience Services Department lured in a full audience by promising a show with one of the most giveaways ever in the show's history.  I went with one of my friends and we had a good time, but the teasing continued through much of the show taping such that I think most of the audience felt played.

There was one audience member who won a new car (very exciting) but the "Nates Crates" under everyone's chairs were completely unnecessary staging (the 2 audience members participating in a segment were clearly pre-selected and pre-miked).  We all got a great book about making home decor from hardware store items, but by the end of the show I think most audience members were feeling let down.  The warm up host, Dena Blizzard, had to repeat that people should not take the crate props even though folks might feel like they were entitled to after not winning a car (see blurry photo above when Dena is jokingly appealing to the audience not to abscond with the crates).  I think if they had just had the regular format, people would not have felt disappointed after receiving the book gift.

I really like Nate and Dena (who preps, educates and entertains the audience between segment tapings), but I am worried about this show.  I don't know if the show can continue to be carried completely by Nate's charm (which abounds).  After the car was awarded, someone in the audience hollered out "How about a car for all of us?" to which he quipped, "THAT is a different show."  Very cute.  The segments are disjointed, some seem very forced and hokey, and the prizing is generally limited.  Perhaps I am wrong, and most Americans will watch anything in daytime.  I hope so.  I like Nate's interior design sensibilities and I really think he is talented.  I just wish his producers would take it up a notch.
Don't get me wrong, the whole experience is quite nice.  The staff is very professional and organized. There is a little spread of bagels, danishes, coffee, tea, and bananas.  Tickets are not difficult to come by (free from http://www.thenateshow.com/tickets) so with just a little planning, you can make a nice morning or afternoon of it (expect to set aside 4-5 hours total).  Also, if you are a fan of decorating and interior design (like me) you will certainly appreciate Nate's decorating segments and beautiful set, including walls of lush live plants and perfectly appointed book shelves (see above left).  But really, who can keep book shelves dressed like that?  He hardly has any books.  Should these be called display shelves?  If so, who has room for these in their home?

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