Monday, February 14, 2011

Dog Friendly NYC

So remarkably, today it reached a warm and breezy 56 degrees in NYC.  On such a glorious day (after so many bone-chilling ones I lost count), I decided to take a long walk with my dog, Biscuit.  Luckily, NYC is very dog friendly.

Perhaps it is that people walk all over the City with their dogs, or perhaps it is because most folks who live in the City do not have yards or patios to allow their dogs to lounge at their leisure without their human caregivers.  Whatever the case is, most shops (other than stores that sell food or restaurants that are prohibited from allowing pets due to health codes) welcome their owners and their beloved furry friends.  New Yorkers are not limited to just taking their dogs to dog parks or pet stores, as folks are in many other parts of the country.

We went to Bed Bath and Beyond (see Biscuit at right in the dog-designated cart outfitted with a terry-covered pad for pet comfort), Bloomingdales, TJ Maxx (see Biscuit at left on leash in the shoe department), Anthropologie, and Saks Fifth Avenue together.  We also ran errands at the dry cleaner (who dotes on Biscuit and always wants to pet her) and stopped by the local wine shop (where Bongo, owner's bull dog is often found welcoming patrons).  We also regularly visit the following retailers, all of which offer dog treats and some of which provide dog watering bowls (although I carry a collapsible portable one for Biscuit): the bank (TD Bank), some major hotels (the Four Seasons and The W), certain William Sonoma stores, and of course certain local pet shops.  I've also seen dogs welcome at Spring Lounge, a relaxed bar on Spring Street and the dining patio at numerous restaurants (e.g., Burger Heaven, Angelo's Pizzeria, The Barking Dog, and China Fun).  

Tomorrow, I'll be spending the day at the Westminster Dog Show at Madison Square Garden admiring other dogs, so I am especially glad that I got to spend some great one-on-one time with my Biscuit today.

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