Sunday, October 13, 2013

Halloween Altered Paintbrush - Entry to Wicked Designs by Brenda's "What Says Fall to Me" Challenge

This is my first altered paintbrush project. I guess the brush connected my mind to brooms and witches, because the natural thing for me to create was a Halloween themed project.

I used an image of Elphaba from "Wicked" on one side and a bat with a quote from Macbeth on the other. Using autumnal colors like the pale forest green and orange corded trim with the black of the paintbrush and wired ribbon I think came out quite nice.

Check out Wicked Design's Monthly Challenge and play along for a chance to win a great prize!
Please go check out Brenda's fabulous digital images at her blog:
She is incredibly talented and has great personality-filled images!

Saturday, October 5, 2013

HELP Velocityvette08 on Youtube Reach Her Dream! --Not NYC related

There's No Place Like Home
Jane (Velocityvette08 on youtube) is a really talented crafter/designer. She creates the most detailed and unique canvases, journals, albums, and so much more! Her mixed media pieces are one of a kind objects of art.

Mixed Media Journal
She is real, authentic, and super gifted. She once had a channel on YT (different from this one) and she was forced off by some really mean and conniving folks who appropriated her name. That channel was almost at 2000 subscribers when she had to withdraw from it. She is close now again on her new channel and would like to reach that elusive goal.
Altered Printer's Tray

Let's help her regain her lost subscribers and succeed beyond her wildest dreams!
She is hosting a great giveaway. As soon as she reaches 2000 subscribers, she is going to draw 3 winners to win handmade works of art by her!
Mixed Media Pumpkin

Join the fun, become a subscriber and support a wonderful artist. It costs you nothing!
Thanks for your consideration

Friday, August 30, 2013

Coffee Brigitta Antique Style Banner/Card - not NYC related

So I recently purchased my first character stamps and have been having loads of fun creating different cards, altered items, and banners.  I strive to try the unexpected or the untried so I have used this super cute little girl stamp and made a grunge/vintage style (which is the style the recipient likes) banner/card.  This is a birthday entry for CC Design's Monthly Challenge, and I am really excited about the way it turned out.

 The front includes craft flowers with auburn bling, some black and white baker's twine, some tea-dyed cheese cloth, a stained asterisk wood piece, and of course the really cute Coffee Brigitta. I colored her with Derwent water soluble color pencils and paper pieced her sleeves and pants (I like how the chevron pants echo the baker's twine).

The back is also covered with coordinating vintage-style clock paper and there is a little tag that has the sentiments tied up with a little frayed strip of fabric.  All the edges of every paper piece is stained with Tim Holtz antique photo stain or using black felt tip pen.

Let me know what you think.  Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Butterfly card - not NYC related

I have recently taken up crafting as a hobby on Youtube.  There is an amazing community there for almost any interest! As part of that new endeavor, I created a butterfly themed card that I have in mind for a good friend who is celebrating her 6th year in the event planning business (Rex and Regina).

There is an Irish blessing that is very appropriate I think for my friend, and butterflies that I fussy cut out from a free digital image sheet of butterflies from Cathe of "Just Something I Made".

This is the link to my YT video of the details of the process: Butterfly Card Share

By the way, I'm participating in a craft challenge with this card at Seemacrafts . Check out her great blog.  Lots of fun in this crafting community and super welcoming too (even for us novices) :)

Thanks for looking!

Friday, May 31, 2013

Shakespeare in the Park: Central Park (west) and 81st Street - FREE

Many of you may say that while watching a show in Central Park might be fun, that Shakespeare is not for you.  Shakespearean plays are generally long (~3 hrs) and the language is hard for today's audiences to enjoy without some effort.  If that describes you, you're in luck this summer.

Shakespeare in the Park at the Delacorte Theater (the west side of Central Park by 81st Street) is presenting modernized, re-interpreted versions of Shakespeare in 2013.  I generally don't like re-makes, but the version of The Comedy of Errors (May 28 - June 30) that I saw last night was really good!

The story of two sets of identical twins separated as infants who are later brought together after many comical mis-identifications is fun, light-hearted, and warm.  You may recognize some of the cast like Jonathan Hadary (Egeon-merchant of Syracuse--of NY), Skipp Sudduth (The Duke), Hamish Linklater (Antipholus, both master twins), and Jesse Tyler Ferguson (Dromio, both servant twins; also in Modern Family). (see photo at right for image of last 2)

 Tickets are free, but you have to wait in long lines in advance (Shakespeare in the Park Info) unless you are lucky enough to score tickets through one of the sponsors (mine were through a friend who works at Bank of America--the lead sponsor for almost 10 years) or the like.

Anyway, if you have the time and even a little interest, I highly recommend this summer's productions (the other one is Love's Labor's Lost (July 23 - Aug 18)).  They are modern (aka easier to relate to) and shorter (90 minutes rather than 3 hrs).

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Dog Friendly NYC

Biscuit Leads a Doggy Conga, with El Bandito Bringing Up the Rear at a Dog Park
Well, it's been a long long long time since I last posted on this blog.  I took a break and did some consulting work; got a new dog, El Bandito (an adorable Havanese); and generally tried some new things not directly related to exploring NYC.

I wanted, however, to share with folks thinking about visiting NYC with their dog(s), that NYC is VERY dog-friendly.  Unlike most cities where dogs are not generally welcome, NYC allows dogs to enjoy the City with you when you go shopping (not only big department stores but small boutiques too), when you go out to eat (if there is outdoor seating they are usually allowed if you ask nicely beforehand), and even in your hotel (The W, The Beekman, Doubletree Suites, The Four Seasons, and so many more!).

Recently with the weather finally turning nicer (although the last couple of days we were hit with the humidity normally reserved for mid-summer), I've visited some local dog parks.  This is a great link that has maps and rules about them all over the five boroughs: NYC Dog Parks

I often go to the Peter Detmold Dog Park between 49th and 51st just west of the FDR. But for cool breezes, the East Side Pavillion (see right) with entrance ramps from 66th and 60th off the FDR is hard to beat.

A few words of warning:  Not all dog owners are watchful of their dogs.  When I go to dog parks, I ALWAYS scope out the dogs and their human companions.  If any of them look aggressive or oblivious, I move on--better safe than sorry (I've heard too many horror stories of dog attacks).  Also, if you have a small dog, take extra care when crossing streets, as some drivers take corners or turns tightly and quickly and could hit a dog that runs ahead or lags behind you.

Enjoy the City with your furry companions!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Art Around NYC: Various

If you walk the streets of NYC with your eyes open, you will be rewarded with some really amazing artwork.  Don't make the mistake of just keeping your head down shuffling from home or subway to work and back.  Look up and take a look around.

If you live or work in midtown east, you may be familiar with the Lever House.  This commercial building often has art exhibits on display in the lobby for public enjoyment.  Richard Marshall, the curator the for the building's art collection, does an amazing job bringing fabulous art to New Yorkers and NYC visitors.  Located at 54th Street and Park Avenue, the current exhibit called "Land Mind" by Paula Hayes is a man-sized tulip-shaped aquarium housing exotic fish (Bangaii cardinal fish, purple-faced fire fish, shrimp, snails, clown fish, a starfish and various coral) (see above).  It is spectacular and definitely worth a look if you are in the neighborhood. In the past, they have had a great building-sized collection of Hello Kitty sculptures.  I love walking by this place.

Currently, there is also a fun exhibit in the Anthropologie store at Rockefeller Center.  "War Against Gravity" (see left) by Gordon Harrison Hull, is a fantastical motorbike/tricycle that looks like a vehicle that Mork from Ork would drive (yes, that's old school).  They also have a rotating exhibit so if you can spare a little time from your shopping adventures, poke your head into this side room on the main floor and be dazzled.

Not that long ago, there was also one of the magnificent giant balloon dogs by Jeff Koons in an office lobby in midtown east.  I was afraid to take a picture, as Mr. Koons is so litigation happy (did you read about how he tried to sue a S.F. gallery for making balloon dog bookends?--as if he can now claim that he owns all balloon dogs).  

Anyway, I just wanted to tell people about the real art available for the public to see for free around NYC.  Enjoy!