Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Dog Friendly NYC

Biscuit Leads a Doggy Conga, with El Bandito Bringing Up the Rear at a Dog Park
Well, it's been a long long long time since I last posted on this blog.  I took a break and did some consulting work; got a new dog, El Bandito (an adorable Havanese); and generally tried some new things not directly related to exploring NYC.

I wanted, however, to share with folks thinking about visiting NYC with their dog(s), that NYC is VERY dog-friendly.  Unlike most cities where dogs are not generally welcome, NYC allows dogs to enjoy the City with you when you go shopping (not only big department stores but small boutiques too), when you go out to eat (if there is outdoor seating they are usually allowed if you ask nicely beforehand), and even in your hotel (The W, The Beekman, Doubletree Suites, The Four Seasons, and so many more!).

Recently with the weather finally turning nicer (although the last couple of days we were hit with the humidity normally reserved for mid-summer), I've visited some local dog parks.  This is a great link that has maps and rules about them all over the five boroughs: NYC Dog Parks

I often go to the Peter Detmold Dog Park between 49th and 51st just west of the FDR. But for cool breezes, the East Side Pavillion (see right) with entrance ramps from 66th and 60th off the FDR is hard to beat.

A few words of warning:  Not all dog owners are watchful of their dogs.  When I go to dog parks, I ALWAYS scope out the dogs and their human companions.  If any of them look aggressive or oblivious, I move on--better safe than sorry (I've heard too many horror stories of dog attacks).  Also, if you have a small dog, take extra care when crossing streets, as some drivers take corners or turns tightly and quickly and could hit a dog that runs ahead or lags behind you.

Enjoy the City with your furry companions!

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