Friday, May 31, 2013

Shakespeare in the Park: Central Park (west) and 81st Street - FREE

Many of you may say that while watching a show in Central Park might be fun, that Shakespeare is not for you.  Shakespearean plays are generally long (~3 hrs) and the language is hard for today's audiences to enjoy without some effort.  If that describes you, you're in luck this summer.

Shakespeare in the Park at the Delacorte Theater (the west side of Central Park by 81st Street) is presenting modernized, re-interpreted versions of Shakespeare in 2013.  I generally don't like re-makes, but the version of The Comedy of Errors (May 28 - June 30) that I saw last night was really good!

The story of two sets of identical twins separated as infants who are later brought together after many comical mis-identifications is fun, light-hearted, and warm.  You may recognize some of the cast like Jonathan Hadary (Egeon-merchant of Syracuse--of NY), Skipp Sudduth (The Duke), Hamish Linklater (Antipholus, both master twins), and Jesse Tyler Ferguson (Dromio, both servant twins; also in Modern Family). (see photo at right for image of last 2)

 Tickets are free, but you have to wait in long lines in advance (Shakespeare in the Park Info) unless you are lucky enough to score tickets through one of the sponsors (mine were through a friend who works at Bank of America--the lead sponsor for almost 10 years) or the like.

Anyway, if you have the time and even a little interest, I highly recommend this summer's productions (the other one is Love's Labor's Lost (July 23 - Aug 18)).  They are modern (aka easier to relate to) and shorter (90 minutes rather than 3 hrs).

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