Friday, April 8, 2011

The Plaza Hotel: Central Park South and 5th Avenue

What a disappointment.  I was really hoping to get a tour of The Plaza Hotel, but was finally able to find out (after weeks of calling with no response) that they no longer give free tours.  I had read articles about what an amazing historical tour this was, filled with colorful stories from historian Francis Morrone.  The last article was published as recently as last October, but alas tours are now only available for groups (of up to 20) at a cost of $475.

Group tours are by appointment only--you are supposed to call The Boutique at 212.588.8012--but good luck getting a response.  Like I said, I called and left several messages but never got a call back until I emailed their press department.

If you want to get some background without having to gather a group and paying up, check out their website  There is a video by Mr. Morrone on the site that is pretty good.

Anyway, I thought I would set the record straight on this tour.  It is really a shame, but I'd rather let folks know the truth rather than get frustrated like I was trying to reserve a spot on non-existent tours for weeks.  I hope they correct their website.

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