Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Celebrity Apprentice Event: 59th St and Madison Ave

I'm not really a fan of Celebrity Apprentice, but as a member of the Academy of Arts and Sciences (you know, the group of anonymous folks who vote for the Emmy Awards), I thought I would attend one of the few events hosted in NYC (versus North Hollywood, CA), especially as it was so close at Florence Gould Hall. 

Cocktails and passed hor dourves (ending with sorbet in cute mini sugar cones) during the press interviews and photo shoots were great.  I think if I were a fan of the celebrities, it could have been exciting.  At least I recognized them without having to read their name cards later in the auditorium....

I thought Marlee Matlin looked as fabulous in person as she does in films and on television (see above left) --erect and poised at all times.  Starr Jones  (see above right) tried to be glamorous but managed to come across as cagey; she kept alluding to her battles with Nene (I presume from Real Housewives of something or other) and that we should all tune in this weekend.  Meatloaf came across as a pudgy, emotionally mushy and an all around nice guy (see below right).  County singer John Rich (okay, I did need the name card to identify him) seemed to be a version of smart country--how unexpectedly refreshing! (see left). 

Then there was The Donald (terrible hair and all), little Don (overbite anyone?), and Jim Cramer (host of "Mad Money" and past helper on "Celebrity Apprentice," the panel moderator. None of them said anything noteworthy.  They blathered about the show's top ratings, asked Academy members to vote for them, talked about highlights (and low points) of the series, etcetera.  The one amusing/surprising thing was that Mr. Trump referenced his possible run for the Presidency and the crowd did not turn on him.  We'll see if the broader population is as friendly....

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