Sunday, October 9, 2011

NY Aquarium (Brooklyn): Surf Ave

I love aquariums and I didn't even know NYC had one until recently.  I love learning about the animals but even more I love just sitting and watching them swim and play.  It's mesmerizing.  HINT: If you have the flexibility to do so, try visiting the aquarium on a weekday.  There were only about 50 people in the entire park when I visited, which made gazing at the animals for long stretches completely acceptable.

The NYC Aquarium has educational components, like the coral labs which save wild coral reefs (see right), the descriptions of the effects of over-fishing, the use of sea horses in Chinese herbal medicine, and the economic support provided to indigenous populations when people buy pets like colorful Tetra fish from pet stores. 

There are also fabulous live action shows.  At the Aquatheater you can see California sea lions really perform with their trainers.  At various scheduled times of the day you can also watch the staff feed the sharks, walruses, sea otters, and penguins.  And in season, there are hands-on touch pools where kids (and adults) can experience "first hand" underwater animals.

However, my favorite parts of the aquarium are the large tanks of sea life.  Whether it is the mysterious sea urchins and corals or the ginormous walruses that swim right up and plaster themselves up against the gazing windows (as if asking for a belly rub) or the seductive sharks swimming with the large tortoises (see left), I was transfixed by the lulling motions of the animals and the water (many of the tanks have tide simulating water motion).  These animals are just awesome (in the true meaning of the word--not the way it is overused today).

Finally, for those who would like to try a 4D experience, the aquarium offers two short movies to choose from.  One is "Happy Feet" and the other is the "Curse of Skull Rock."  For a kiddie audience, I would recommend the first, but if you can take a little scare, try the second.  I was surprised by the spraying water and the sudden pokes in the back from the seating.  It was great fun and a nice break from walking around the park.  It's worth the extra admission price.

Ok, I loved the aquariums so much that I decided to just post a few more pictures to share their beauty....  Enjoy.

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  1. By the way, if you think you may visit other parks run by the Wildlife Conservation Society like the Bronx Zoo or the Central Park Zoo, you may want to get a membership. I've been to all 3 and they are all really worth visiting.