Friday, June 24, 2011

Another Presidential Visit

Ugh, yet another visit by President Obama in NYC.  I think he has come here every month since spring.  It costs the country tens of thousands of dollars per day for all the transport and security, but to NYC residents it is just a royal pain.   The police (who pays for all of their over-time? -- NYC tax payers I assume) blockade the streets hours in advance, impeding and then blocking all pedestrian and automobile traffic. There is no regard for local businesses (each of whom lose hundreds to thousands of dollars every time the President visits) and really, does the President have to traverse the busiest city in the country during rush hour?

I do not take partisan issue with this--yes the Bushes spent a lot of tax payer money going to their respective country homes.  My complaint is really that both Obama and Clinton seem to love visiting NYC.  Most of us who live and/or work here hate it.

Last night when I was trying to get home after a late night class, Obama's movements blocked off Park Avenue!  All traffic comes to a complete standstill.  While tourists might find it interesting to see a Presidential motorcade (see above), I'll tell you New Yorkers just find this annoying.  I overheard one man delayed at a corner on his cell phone telling whoever was on the other side of the call, "if you ever vote for Obama, I'm going to kill you."

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