Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sick in NYC

I'm sorry I've not been out touring and writing for the last several days.  I have come down with a terrible case of the flu and have been spending most of my waking hours in bed.  For the first few days I was a bit delirious, but after a lot of medicated sleep I'm hoping I'm on the back side of this one.

I will say that NYC is not a horrible place to be ill.  The conveniences and accessibility to help are quite remarkable.  If one lives in a doorman building, there is someone to ask for help in a pinch.  Pharmacies tend to be open late if not 24 hours (although a pharmacy department's hours may be shorter/more normal).  Also, there is little need to leave your home if you have a phone--most things can be delivered to you (including groceries and even library books) and you can get a service to walk your dog.

Yes, all of these things come at a premium, but the convenience cannot be matched.  While the climate is not my favorite, I will have to give this City its due.  For the home bound, NYC living is a good thing.

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